Villa FZ

Villa FZ, a private residence with a modern architectural style and clean, polished forms, was designed and built by Studio Bizzarro & Partner at Lido degli Estensi, a seaside resort in the province of Ferrara.

This minimalist, executive home, features large windows that will the rooms with natural light, while ensuring absolute privacy from the surroundings. This was made possible by designing an 'inverted' structure where the absence of openings to the outside is made up for by large French windows that overlook the internal patio and the swimming pool. The result is a living space to be experienced from the inside, which clearly stands out from the surrounding buildings, particularly in terms of style.

While the indoor surfaces of the Villa were covered with large MaxFine panels by FMG in Statuario Light, Black Marquinia and Lavica Grey colors, the outdoor spaces were personalized with Iris Ceramica porcelain stoneware. Pietra di Basalto Grey in the 120x60 cm format - with a slipperiness coefficient of R11 - was laid on the patio, swimming pool area and walkways within the garden, which is filled with flowers of many varieties.

With a sophisticated and pure aesthetic, a slightly shaded and mottled texture, Pietra di Basalto blends elegantly and naturally with the architectural structures of the home and the green of the plants, ensuring not only a prestigious aesthetic result but also high technical performance, including resistance to scratches, abrasions, UV rays, atmospheric and chemical agents.

Products used in this project