Iris Ceramica in Reykjavik’s Iceland Parliament Hotel by Hilton

Pietra di Basalto helps create an atmospheric fusion of memories and influences in the new luxury hospitality venue in the center of the Icelandic capital.

The Iceland Parliament Hotel, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, in Reykjavik’s historic city center is a multi-faceted portrait of the Icelandic capital, giving visitors an insight into its history and offering a unique experience, dedicated to comfort and design, which links history and contemporary.

The project by THG Arkitektar features an architectural design which combines three historic buildings - the former Telecommunications headquarters, the first Icelandic girls’ school and Independence Hall - with new construction.

Pietra Basalto, a technical ceramic surface echoing the beauty of natural stone, was selected for flooring in the en-suite bathrooms and luxurious Spa in the basement of the former Telecommunications headquarters. Combining an understated, elegant aesthetic with the excellent performance of Iris Ceramica porcelain stoneware, it helps create areas for different uses, uniting them in terms of comfort, safety, health and elegance.