Iris Ceramica Group Milano

Iris Ceramica Group’s new flagship store in Milan’s historic city center, between via Santa Margherita and via Farine, recently opened to the public.

In line with Iris Ceramica Group latest stores in design capitals such as London, New York and Berlin, and continuing the successful collaboration with Area-17 who designed the project, the exclusive showroom is configured as a creative workshop for developing applications for technical ceramics. Alongside other Group brands, in the display area products from the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collection continue to promote the cultural heritage of ceramic surfaces, highlighted for over twelve years in the Spazio FMG per l’Architettura gallery in the Tortona district.

Extending over 750 sq.m., the showroom was created in premises previously occupied by a bank, with areas such as the original vault preserved and now tiled with the exclusive eco-active material, Active SurfacesShowcasing Italian excellence, unparalleled throughout the world, and covered by exclusive European patents, Active Surfaces ensures improved quality of life in all environments, due to the anti-pollution, antibacterial, anti-odor and self-cleaning properties of these Iris Ceramica Group ceramics. The renovation process by Area-17 “involved the entire structure, with particular attention paid to designing an exclusive ambiance aimed at creating a strong emotive, personal relationship with customers”. In the cohesive design between areas of the building, the visitor is actively engaged in discovering ceramic materials, through an extensive range of tiling and furnishings, which includes numerous, compelling yet elegant Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica products.

In particular, collections from the Diesel with Iris Ceramica partnership on view in the first floor meeting room, create a stunningly bold decorative style in this multi-purpose area used for meetings, work, entertaining and socializing. The Stage collection, in Grey Boss and Grey Diving (120 x 60cm) highlights the exceptionally contemporary mood of the entire collection, whose dynamic individuality is reminiscent of corroded and time-worn structured metal. The meeting room floor features the very latest Liquid Stone in Inox Naturale 120 x 60cm, an attractive, almost mesmerizing, stone effect surface due to the ceramic tile’s inherent dynamic fluctuating texture. Completing the extensive style options, the City Lights collection in Grey Colors (75 x 25cm format) creates a strikingly impactive visual effect with a metropolitan look. While Liquid Green and Cosmic Marble maxi format tiles (120 x 60 and 300 x 150cm) reaffirm their highly evocative style concept. The interplay of shapes and color diversity brings alive an aura of distant worlds in spellbinding, fluid designs, with the infinite shades and veining of the finest marble-inspired ceramics.

Products used in this project